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Tracking Cape Cod Sharks
 Our Great White Shark Celebrity "Mary Lee"

Of all the Cape Cod sharks who've made news in the last few years, only one has become a hometown celebrity. She's a 3456 pound, 16-foot long great white shark named "Mary Lee". 

The rise to fame for this beautiful dark-gray lady began on September 17, 2012, about 3 miles off the coast of Chatham, MA.

As she swam in the Atlantic Ocean waters that day, little did Mary Lee know that she'd soon be face-to-snout with a crew of OCEARCH fishermen and scientists, anxious to learn all about her. 

The Catch, Tag & Release of Mary Lee

(Video Courtesy of OCEARCH)

And little could she have known, from that day on she'd be wearing a nifty little tracking device that lets us landlubbers keep up with her travels.

Tracking Cape Cod's Favorite Great White Shark

Not surprisingly, Mary Lee didn't hang around Cape Cod for long after the OSEARCH crew released her.

Within 2 weeks, she was swimming off the coast of North Carolina, making her way south to Florida.  Her winter travels have taken her to Bermuda. And it looks like the Bahamas might be on her itinerary, too.  Smart shark!!

Want to see where our famous Cape Cod shark is now?

Click on the shark photo at left to go to OSEARCH's Global Shark Tracker. Then:

  • Click the ""Sharks" tab
  • Click on "Mary Lee"


Safe journey, Mary Lee!


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Photo Credit: Shark photo courtesy of NOAA