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Bourne MA
The Best Cape Cod Vacation Town for You?

As the town nearest to the "mainland", Bourne MA has the honor of welcoming thousands of visitors each year to Cape Cod.

Crossing the Bourne Bridge Onto Cape Cod

View from the Bourne Bridge crossing the Cape Cod Canal

The town of Bourne spans both sides of the Cape Cod Canal.

On the north side of the Canal are the more commercialized villages of Buzzards Bay and Bournedale, along with the lovely seaside village of Sagamore Beach.

On the south side, the vibe is decidedly more rural in the villages of Gray Gables, Monument Beach, Pocasset and Cataumet.

Bourne Massachusetts on the Map

The Canal is that long waterway you see running diagonally across the map, below. I've set the map so you can zoom in [+] and out [-] to view the whole length of the "Big Ditch" and the villages on either side.

Bourne has shoreline not only along the Canal, but also on Cape Cod Bay to the east and Buzzards Bay to the west.

View Bourne, MA in a larger map


Bourne is about 235 miles from New York City, and only 60 miles from Boston MA and Providence RI.

Activities  & Attractions in Bourne

These are some of our favorite things to see and do in Bourne ...

The Cape Cod Canal, the town's "centerpiece", is also the hub of activity in Bourne, all year round.

It's the perfect place for walking, biking, and in-line skating. The Canal offers great boating and fishing, too. Plus, birdwatching, picnicing, and breathtaking photo opps. 

For less active folks, bring your folding chairs and spend an hour or two watching tankers, tugs, cruise ships and pleasure yachts motoring by.

There are access spots and viewing areas along the entire 7+ mile length of the waterway. And rest facilities, too. (Although the restrooms are only open seasonally. During the off season, you're on your own when Mom Nature calls ;-) 

Aptucxet Trading Post (24 Aptucxet Road in Bourne) is the site of the first-known business dealings between the native Wampanoags and the Dutch settlers, dating back to the 1600s. 

Tours of the Trading Post (a replica of the original), its nature gardens and saltworks, are guided by knowledgable docents who engage children and adults alike in the history of the town and its first European settlers.

Adjacent to the Trading Post is Gray Gables, the private railroad station of  U.S. President Grover Cleveland, who had his "summer White House" in Bourne in the late 1800s.

The station houses a nice array of photos and memorabilia of President Cleveland, and the tour guides do an excellent job of bringing the President's days on Cape Cod to life.

Spanning the entire width of the Cape Cod Canal, the Railroad Bridge is the second-longest vertical lift bridge in the world. This engineering marvel is quite a sight to see, and it's especially fun to be there when the bridge lowers for a train to cross.

From late May to early September, you can watch the bridge in operation whenever the CapeFlyer is approaching. A handy parking/viewing spot is at Buzzard's Bay Park on Main Street.

In Bourne, as every other town on Cape Cod, some of the most interesting sites are the ones you stumble on while you're walking, biking, or driving around town.

For me, finding this tribute to the patron saint of fishermen was one of those "Wow!" moments.

See if you can find it, too, as you explore the town's little nooks and crannies :-)

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Places to Stay in Bourne MA

Bourne Hotels & Motels

Sorry to say, I can't think of any hotels or motels in the town of Bourne that I'd feel comfortable recommending. 

The ones I'm familiar with (by "word of mouth") are not exactly the caliber of lodging where I'd want to stay. So I sure as heck won't recommend that you do! ;-)

If you'd like to check the Bourne hotel and motel offerings out for yourself, here you go.

(BTW: If you know of, or discover, a hotel or motel somewhere in Bourne that you think is worthy of recommending, please let me know!)

Bourne Vacation Rentals

Okay, now we're getting to the good stuff!

There's a nice selection of vacation rental properties to choose from in the villages of Bourne. Whether you're looking for a comfy and affordable cottage in a family friendly neighborhood, like this ...

... or you have your entire extended family coming with you, and you need a home with lots of room and plenty of amenities, like this ...

... you won't be disappointed with the vacation rental options in the town of Bourne, I'm sure!

Camping in Bourne

For those of you who love camping, Bourne has you covered, too!

When you make Bourne Scenic Park your camping "home away from home" on the Cape, you'll be just a few steps away from the Cape Cod Canal's scenic views and fun things to do

Bourne Scenic Park CampgroundsView of Bourne Scenic Park Camping Area from the Cape Cod Canal

Click here for Bourne Scenic Park's website

If your tastes lean more toward a "camp resort", Bay View Campground could be right up your alley. With multiple pools, on-site food and refreshments, fun stuff for the young 'uns, and a dog park for 4-legged campers, Bay View Campground offers it all.

Click here for Bay View Campground's website

Find More Accommodations in Bourne

Bourne Beaches

What's the best beach in Bourne for vacationers? Well, that question's not as easy to answer as you might think - thanks to the town's "stingy" parking rules.

If you can walk or bike to the beach, then you're welcome to enjoy any public beach in town. But, if you have to drive to the beach ... that's a different story altogether.

The long and short of it is: to park a motor vehicle at the public beaches in town, non-residents must have a special, town-issued parking sticker. And Monument Beach is the only beach in town where those stickers are honored. (Read more about the parking sticker situation here.)

The good news is: Monument Beach is a great beach with pretty views and warm, calm water. Not a bad option at all!

Monument Beach in Bourne MAMonument Beach (a/k/a "Mo Beach")


Enjoy your visit to Bourne MA!



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