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Cape Cod Deals & Special Offers
Save on Activities, Beach Parking, Lodging and More

Looking for money-saving Cape Cod deals and discounts?

Whether it's half-price or free admission to local activities and attractions, or great deals on Cape Cod travel, lodging, or restaurants ...

Don't miss out on these discount cards, free passes, and special offers. They're a great way to stretch your vacation budget!

* My Favorite Source for Cape Cod Discounts *

Cape Cod Daily Deals

Every day, the nice folks at Cape Cod Daily Deals bring us more super deals from  local shops, restaurants, lodgings, or service providers.

Recent deals included $20 in dining at a popular waterfront restaurant in Hyannis for only $10

Be sure to check out all the fantastic deals on offer at CCDD! 

All-Inclusive Activity & Attraction Passes

"Go Boston" Card

Did you know that Boston deals and discounts often apply outside the city, too?

With this all-inclusive pass, you'll save up to 55% on admission to top attractions in Boston, Cape Cod, historic Plymouth, and beyond. 

Important Note: Be sure to check out the list of all 53 attractions to see everywhere you can use this pass!

Public Park & Beach Passes

U.S. National Park Pass

With a U.S. National Parks Pass in hand, you'll have free entry to our fantastic Cape Cod National Sea Shore park and beaches.

That's a savings of $15 a day on parking at the Cape's Atlantic Ocean beaches!

Massachusetts DCR Passes

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation's ParksPass gives unlimited day-use parking for a full year at MA state parks.

Use your pass to save $7 or more per day at Scusset Beach, South Cape Beach, and Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod.

Special Offers on Lodging Accommodations

Cape Cod Lodging Discounts & Packages

Be sure to visit my Lodging Specials page to see excellent discounts and package deals available now.

Staying up-to-date on my latest money saving discoveries is easy. Become an Insider today!

More Savings: Shopping, Dining, Activities, Etc.

CLAMS Passes

Massachusetts residents: Sign up for a free CLAMS card at your local library!

The CLAMS card will allow you to borrow library passes for free or significantly discounted admission to popular attractions on Cape Cod and other locations around the state.

More about the CLAMS passes.

One of my favorite penny-pinching sites, is a one-stop resource for money-saving coupon codes for airfare, lodging and much, much more.

(BTW: Unlike some other coupon code sites, the codes you get at CouponGravy aren't outdated. They actually work! :-)

Start saving $$ on all kinds of stuff now.

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