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Cape Cod Whale Watching: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Is Cape Cod whale watching in your vacation plans? Here's what you need to know before you go, including: which cruise to choose, when to go, finding free ...

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Meteor Showers on Cape Cod: When & Where to See Them in 2017

When is prime time for meteor showers on Cape Cod? On this page you'll find peak viewing dates for the best sky shows in 2017, along with my top tips for ...

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Multi-Generational Fun?

Question: Hi there. I think this one is going to be tough but I'll ask anyway. I live in Boston and graduate school commencement is in a few weeks. Local

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Best Time and Towns for Clamming on Cape Cod

Question: What are the best months to clam and which towns are recommended? Dee's Reply: Hi Joanne - July and August are peak clamming time on Cape Cod.

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Fishing License Required for Surf Casting?

Question: Do I need a fishing license to surf cast in the Bay in North Truro or surf cast off Race Point? Thank You. Dee's Reply: Hi David - The simple

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Whale Watch Parking

Question: We are staying in Mashpee in mid-June 2016 and would like to take a whale watch excursion. How long will it take to drive our car from Mashpee

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Best Beach Near Dennis MA for Toddler

Question: Hello, i love your website, it is so clear and helpful! My first question, is what beach is the best for a toddler, near the Dennis area. I

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Fast Ferry from Boston to Nantucket

Question: Could you tell me if there is a quick ferry from Boston to Nantucket? Dee's Reply: Hello, Carol - No, I'm sorry to tell you there is no ferry

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Where to Get Clamming Equipment

Question: Is there a place on Cape Cod that you can rent the equipment to dig your own clams? Dee's Reply: Hi Tom - Great question! Sorry to say, I can't

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Blue Crab Question

Question: I heard Blue Crabs are in...Do you know the towns in Southeastern Ma. they are being caught? If you are not sure...That is ok! Thank you, for

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What to See and Do on a Very Short Trip?

Question: Hi! Your blog has been so helpful to me in understanding a lot about Cape Cod. Me and my friend are planning to visit Cape Cod this Memorial

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What Town Beaches are Covered by a Bourne MA Resident Parking Sticker

Question: I know Sagamore, Monument and Gray Gables are included with a Bourne MA resident beach sticker. What about some of the smaller beaches such

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Travel Time to Cape Cod the Last Week of June

Question: Hi! We are taking our Girl Scout troop to Martha's Vineyard on Monday, June 27. We are worried about getting over the canal in time to make

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Mashpee, Dennis Port or Provincetown?

Question: Hello! First of all, THANK YOU for this amazing website! I'm planning our first ever trip to the Cape and it's so overwhelming!! But your website

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Driving from Logan Airport to Cape Cod and Return on Memorial Day Weekend

Question: Hey there! Tons of good info about predictable jams on holiday weekends, but my question is two parts: (1) how long do you think it would take

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Horse Riding on Cape Cod

Question: Dear Dee, Where is good place to go horse riding - where they take good care of their horses and the riders - on Cape Cod, preferably Western

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Shopping Hot Spots on Cape Cod

Question: Which Cape Cod town is best for shopping? Like a boardwalk full of shops or a center full of shops? Dee's Reply: Hi Linda - When you're in

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What to Wear for Crabbing

Question: What kind of footwear should we wear for catching crabs if we plan to be on the water? Thanks... your information is amazing! Dee's Reply: Hi

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Fishing in September and October

Question: Good day! Me and my wife are planning a little fishing trip around your end. No charter fishing - just piers, beaches and spots. Is September

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Beach Bonfires and Clambakes

Question: My husband and I will be staying in South Wellfleet from 10/9 - 10/16. I would love a bonfire on the beach or go to a clambake or something

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