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Digging our own clams?

by Anonymous

Clammers Digging for Dinner

Clammers Digging for Dinner

Question: I remember going down the Cape when I was little and we dug our own clams. Can you still do that? Do you need a license? Thanx!

Dee's Reply:

Yes, you can still dig your own clams on Cape Cod.

However, each town has its own shellfishing regulations and specific locations where clamming is allowed. And you'll need to get a permit to dig clams.

So if you want to go clamming while you're here, be sure to get a permit from the town where you'll be digging. (Don't even think of clamming without a permit, or in an area that's closed to shellfishing. It's not worth risking a fine/illness!)

Have a great time on the Cape!

Best Regards,


P.S. See Kevin's idea (below). He's right, crabbing is a wonderful, family friendly and free alternative to clamming.

Be sure to check out my pages on catching and cooking blue crabs.

Comments for Digging our own clams?

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Crabbing is fun, too.
by: Kevin L.

Digging clams is lots of fun, but some towns only allow clamming one day a week. If you're not going to be there on that day, you're out of luck.

When we go to Cape Cod, we take our kids to Crab Creek (in Dennis? or maybe it's Yarmouth?) to catch blue crabs. Sorry, I know how to get there, just not sure exactly which town it's in.

You don't have to buy a permit and no special equipment is required (other than some raw chicken, some string and a net), so it's basically a morning or afternoon of free entertainment. And since we rent a cottage, we have a kitchen to cook our catch. Yum!

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by: Janessa Casper

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Dee's Reply:

Thank you so much for your kind words, Janessa!

Please feel free to share any of my articles via a live link on your website. I hope your site's visitors enjoy reading about Cape Cod as much as I enjoy writing about our fabulous seaside paradise!!

Best Regards,


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