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Best Beaches for Senior Mom

by Michele
(Feeding Hills, MA)

Question: Hi - I am looking for the best beach for my mother, 83 yr., walks with a cane and very slow.

Would like to stay at a B&B but it doesn't have to be close to the beach just easily accesible where I can drop her off in the car and then come back and meet her on the beach. Just no stairs or dunes.

Can you suggest a beach please? Thank you kindly.
She loves to look for shells so if thats an option that would be great!

Dee's Reply: Hello, Michele - No worries! There are quite a few beaches on Cape Cod that both you and your mother will be able to enjoy.

As a matter of fact, the timing of your question couldn't be better. Just last weekend I was out and about, taking photos for a new page about accessible beaches.

I hope to have the page posted in the next few days. As soon as it's up on my site, I'll come back here and update with a live link to the page. Stay tuned ...

UPDATE: Here's the link to my Accessible Beaches page.

Best Regards,


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