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Cape Cod Beaches
Your All-in-One Guide

In my Cape Cod beaches guide, you'll find all the information you need to choose the perfect beach for every member of your family.

View from the top of the dunes at a Cape Cod beachLong Nook Beach on Cape Cod's Atlantic Ocean Shoreline

Cape Cod's Ocean, Bay & Sound Beaches

Ocean, Bay or Sound? Which beaches will you prefer?

Each body of water is a unique experience in terms of waves, water temps, and scenery.

Learn about the differences, here.

Guides to Beaches in Each Cape Cod Town

Click any town name below to see descriptions, photos, driving directions, and parking information for the town's beaches.

Beach Entrance & Parking Fees

Do Cape Cod beaches charge admission fees? Click here to find out.

And don't miss these totally free beaches where admission and parking are free all year round.


Camping on the Beach

Beach camping is the ultimate getaway. It's also an amazingly cost-effective lodging option!

But ... there are a few things you need to know about camping on the beach before you head to the shoreline with your tent or your SCV.

Must-know info.

Having a Beach Campfire

Summer on Cape Cod is prime time for beach campfires!

Before you stack your wood and strike the match, here's what you need to know about campfires at the beach.

Public vs. Private Beaches

In most coastal states in the USA, ocean beaches are considered public property. Massachusetts is different.

What are the rules in MA? Which beaches may anyone use, and which are off-limits to all but the owner? Read this page to find out. (It's a very interesting journey back through history!)


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Cape Cod beaches guide - all you need to know about our beautiful shoreline

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