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Cape Cod Activities
Entertainment & Recreation for Everyone

Ready to see lots of Cape Cod activities to fill your days (and nights), without emptying your bank account?

From popular tourist attractions to lesser-known local adventures, there's something here for everyone  ... families, couples, and singles, too.

Popular Activities for Kids, Teens & Adults

Let's begin with some of the most popular things to do on vacation in Cape Cod.

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Unique & Non-Touristy Fun

What better way to get to know Cape Cod than by doing some of the things we locals do for fun? Here are some of our favorites.

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Activities & Attractions for Every Budget

I've put these mini-guides together especially for the cost-conscious traveler.

No matter what your "fun budget" might be, you'll find more than enough to happily entertain every member of the family here.

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Enjoy your Cape Cod vacation!

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