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Free Outdoor Movies on Cape Cod
Summer Fun for the Entire Family 

During the summer months, open-air concerts and outdoor movies are a Cape Cod tradition! 

Beachgoers waiting for the feature film to beginIt's a Beautiful Evening for a Movie at Smugglers Beach in Yarmouth!

Families gather at the beach and on the village green to see old favorites like Shrek, ET, The Rookie, and other all-time classics, shown on a big screen under the stars.

It's kind of like a drive-in movie, only better. You're relaxing in your lawn chair, enjoying a Cape Cod summer evening - not packed into a car.

It's great fun, and it's free!

When & Where to See Movies in the Park

(* Important Note: All movie showings are weather dependent!)

Movie Night: Falmouth, MA

When: Wednesdays in July and August (begins July 18, 2018) Movies begin at dusk

Where: Peg Noonan Park, Main Street, Falmouth, MA

Admission: Free 

More Info: Falmouth Village Association ("Upcoming Events" section) 

Movies on the Town Green: Hyannis, MA

When: July 10, 17, 24 & 31; August 7 & 14, 2018. Movies begin at dusk. 

Where: Hyannis Town Green

Admission: Free

More Info: Hyannis Main Street ("Events" section)

Movies in the Park: Yarmouth, MA

When: July 18 & 25; August 8 & 15, movie begins at dusk

Where: Peter Homer Park Soccer Field, 144 Old Townhouse Rd., South Yarmouth

Admission: Free

More Info: Yarmouth MA Chamber of Commerce ("Calendar" section)

Movies on the Beach: Yarmouth, MA

When: July 11 and August 1 & 22, 2018, movie begins at dusk

Where: Bass River Beach (a/k/a "Smugglers Beach"), 220 South Street, South Yarmouth

Admission: Free

More Info: Yarmouth MA Chamber of Commerce ("Calendar" section)

What to Bring to Movie Nights

Over the years, I've learned that there are two must-have items for movies at the beach or in the park:

  1. Bug spray/wipes

  2. Something to sit on

Bug Spray/Wipes

Yep, bug spray is #1 on the list. Here on the Cape, there's about an hour between dusk and full-on darkness when the "no see 'ems" (tiny little bitey gnats) come out in search of sweet-tasting humans. 

The best thing I've found to repel them is ... Repel.

It really does the trick to keep the little devils away!

Repel comes in a spray bottle and in wipes. I prefer the wipes because they're easy to carry, and one wipe each keeps my hubby and me bite-free for the entire evening.
We just swipe a wipe across our clothes and exposed skin, and we're all set!

Something to Sit On

A nice, soft blanket is perfect for movies at the beach because the sand is nice and soft to sit on. But for movies at the park? Well, I'm not a kid anymore. These days, sitting on the ground is just too darn hard on my delicate little bum. ;-) 

Here's how we relax comfortably at outdoor movies ...   

Easy Tote Outdoor Blanket
for the Beach

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Backpack Folding Chair
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Enjoy the flick!!

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